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Writer / Director 

Australian writer and director Kacey Baker is managed by Avatar Entertainment, Los Angeles, with a first look feature film deal at Sony Pictures International. Mainly specialising in comedy, Kacey has broadened his writing to action and supernatural to meet assignment demands. 

Kacey's next project is set for online in March/April 2023 and has completed post services at Warner Bros Burbank.

Kacey regrettably declined requests to direct Netflix originals features due to scheduling clashes with VoiceOver commitments as a promo voice of Australia's highest rating free to air tv channel, Channel 7..

In 2017 Kacey was put forward to direct John Cena's,  'Playing With Fire', but missed out when the production was put on hold and later moved countries. 

Kacey is currently working on a wide range of projects including r rated comedy short films. His inspiration stems from watching Mel Brooks, Cheech and Chong, and Zucker Bros' movies as a child... and goes without saying, early Steven Spielberg. 

Kacey's ultimate goal is to direct a Superman film for DC Studios and to work with James Gunn.

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